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Why Building Green

Whether you want to reduce carbon footprint, improve your daily health, or reduce the costs to run your home, green building makes sense. Let us review with you all the various ways we can introduce green technology into your home with energy efficiency, green roofs, solar generation and the list goes on. Building green is not only a trendy idea, but it saves you money, improves your health and reduces your homes reliance on “the grid.”
As green technology pushes mainstream it improves and becomes more affordable. Seventy-nine construction believes building a “green home”, and we look forward to sharing with you all you need to know about the green opportunities available to enhance your home.
SeventyNine built our home during 2018/2019 and they were fantastic from helping put the final touches on the plans we came armed with to being responsive and helpful even post build whenever we had questions or if there were any issues (not that there were many). They were professional every step of the way and truly cared about the work they were doing while perfectly balancing our ideas with reality (when needed).
No project is without hiccups and it is when hiccups are encountered that the true colours of a person come through, Sophie and Spiros received an A+ at those points as well.

Christopher Deans


"Spending time and Money on your home is an investment in your life."