79 Build Division

Spiros Mastrokostas

Nikos Mastrokostas

With over 25 years of experience, Spiros has completed countless projects in construction. His determination to execute his projects to the last detail made him well known in the construction field. While Spiros still dreams of retiring one day, he is not slowing down anytime soon. He along with his son Nikos will continue on the journey of SeventyNine Design & Build for years to come. Learning valuable tricks of the trade from his father, Nikos, in combination with the fast pace of his generation creates a strong path of integrating design and green building. Niko’s strong believe in the environment, impacts sustainable strategies in construction. The strong bond between father and son and the determination between them in building workmanship combined with sustainable living creates an unstoppable duo.

79 Design Division

Sophie Mastrokostas

Sophie Drakopoulou

"Design the life you want"
Anna Koveos​

Anna Koveos

"Design is a journey"
It’s complicated, a relationship which started out as friends, close enough to be sisters and ending up as a strong 79 Design Division Duo. One which is totally opposite of each other. One black hair, one blond with two different design aspects yet Sophie and Anna understand each other’s language like no other. You could say one compliments each others uniqueness but in the end it all comes in unison. On everything else they are aligned with family, work and most of all friendship. They work best together and nothing motivates them more better than a challenge, in the end they have the same vision.

Living and growing up in Greece, Sophie’s eye for design channelled her energy into designing European style homes. Her love and passion for design took her one step further in upgrading in a Bachelor’s of Interior Design degree. Inspired by Mediterranean influence combined with modern clean lines identifies her design.

Love for travel and learning about culture, Anna’s passion for design, architecture, colour and texture, instilled a broad vision of interiors. It has allowed for her aesthetic to be extremely versatile and adaptable to any vision a client may have.
The combined knowledge and passion is the result of a thriving partnership offering clients the best of two designers collaborating in one space.

79 Architictural Division

Sophie Mastrokostas

SeventyNine Design & Build’s  mission is simple, to bring the client a carefully edited selection of the best design, architecture and interior projects. 

Sophie encourages a collaborative approach with clients to ensure cohesiveness, clarity, trust and respect throughout the entire architectural process. 

SeventyNine Design & Build’s goal is to create architecture that is admired for each design, functionality while providing lasting value to the client for years to come.