Trends for 2021

2020 has been a unique year and people’s attitudes towards their homes changed during the pandemic. Some of the 2021 trends that we are going to see emerge will definitely reflect what happened last year. 1. Organic & Undulating Shapes Gone are the days of straight ridged lines and we are welcoming soft undulating squiggles […]

Creating Bright Ideas

Set the mood and define a space with this tips to impact lighting in your home. Good lighting can transform the look and feel of the room into something beautiful. The right lighting can prompt productivity, make us feel relaxed and affect how we perceive textures and colours more than any other design element. Whether […]

Beautiful Home Office Organization Ideas

A clean polished workspace can improve your productivity. Getting rid of clutter alleviates anxious feelings so you can focus on your work instead of cleaning. To prevent clutter from building up it helps to put in place organizational systems. Having a spot for everything will make you feel ready to tackle any projects that comes […]

How to Create Your Seasonal Tablescape Essentials

Setting a table-scape should be an expression of your own personality.  Play around with color, patterns, and textures while keeping it simple, beautiful and up to date with the latest trends. Crisp white: Whiteware plates or crisp white linens are the perfect staple since you can dress it up or down.  Combine a variety of […]