Home Improvement Services in Scarborough, ON

We begin drafting designs, working closely with you to ensure we fulfill all aspects of your creative ideas.

Image of a kitchen that was remodeled by Seventynine Construction in Scarborough, ON

Free Initial Consultation

When you choose Seventynine Construction for your home improvement services, the process starts with a free initial consultation to discuss your specific needs, ideas, project scope, budget and timeline. We explain our design process and answer any questions or concerns you may have. After the consultation, we will organize and oversee the designers and tradespeople needed for the project so that your experience is as stress-free as possible.

Photo of a new house, which was designed and built by Seventynine Construction in Scarborough, ON

Architecture & Design

Next, we coordinate with our highly skilled and talented architect to design a home that is exactly what you envision and more. In your consultation with us, we learn about your lifestyle requirements, your family’s wish list, your neighbourhood and, of course, your budget. In the architecture and design phase of the project, our custom-built approach begins to bring your home to life.

Image of the front porch of a new house, which was designed and built by Seventynine Construction in Scarborough, ON

Estimate and Contract

When you are 100 percent happy with the look and design of your new home, we will provide a detailed construction price, tailoring the specifications so that everything is precisely as you want it. We will then efficiently guide you through the contractual procedures.

Seventynine construction understands the importance of a smooth and timely completion, this is why we make sure there is a pre delivery inspection prior to the completion date followed by aftercare service.

Photo of a living room, which was designed by Seventynine Construction in Scarborough, ON

City Plan & Approval

Once your design is approved and contracts are signed, we’ll obtain all the required permits and submit the plans to your local authority for planning approval. This enables you to focus on your family life rather the paperwork.

Image of a rec room designed by Seventynine Construction in Scarborough, ON

Design Selections

The interior design of your home is where the fun really begins as your new custom home takes shape. We work closely with you at each step of the process, taking the time to explain all the elements you need to consider. From interior colour selections to every last finish, we make sure you’ll be delighted with your new home.

Photo of a large walk in closet of a house designed by Seventynine Construction in Scarborough, ON

Construction Management

Seventynine Construction uses a construction management system that gives you direct access to the progress of your project with a personalized login and password. Whether you want to explore budgeting, scheduling or view up-to-date photos of your new home, you can do so at any time by logging on to our website.

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