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Set the mood and define a space with this tips to impact lighting in your home. Good lighting can transform the look and feel of the room into something beautiful. The right lighting can prompt productivity, make us feel relaxed and affect how we perceive textures and colours more than any other design element. Whether acting as the major focal point in a room or more of a supporting detail, our team79 have some tips in making selections more practical.

Lighting works in layers and every room should aim to have at least two to three sources of light.


Set the mood and drama in a form of wall sconces, recessed lighting that will draw the eye to stand out pieces in your space. Like artwork, powder room hallway, entrance or over your kitchen island.


Soft lighting is fundamental in every room in your house, it glows from overhead in the form of pendants or use of dimmers to control the amount of ambient light in a room.


Task lighting is directional lighting, this can be recessed or track lighting as well as floor, desk or table lamps to illuminate a workspace, reading area or kitchen island when completing a particular task.

Types of lighting fixtures

Start your lighting design by mapping out how you plan to use the space, then by selecting your ambient light. The ambient fixture you choose will set the tone for the space and influence the rest of your lighting choices. Once you have chosen your ambient lighting, add spots for accent and task lighting to achieve a nice balance.


A popular choice for living ares, dining rooms and open concepts spaces, chandeliers can direct ample light upward over a table or entryway to make an elegant statement.

Desk, Floor & Table

As extremely versatile and portable sources of light, these can go in almost any room to add a less permanent upgrade and make a style statement.

Wall Sconces

Alone or in a pair, sconces are perfect for bedrooms and bathrooms or anywhere a strong flood of mounted light is needed in a small space, such as framing a window, mirror or artwork.

Surface Mounts

Usually flush or semi-flush on a hallway ceiling or in the middle of a room, they can be nearly invisible or make a big impact to illuminate a small space no matter the style.


A linear fixture with several heads positioned along a track, this style allows you to direct attention to certain corners of a room.


Illuminating downward to provide ambient or task lighting, pendant lighting is helpful for anchoring a table or kitchen island in a single, pair or multiples.

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