79 Build Process

Design & Build Inquiry

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The first step is getting to know each other. Please fill out a contact form or contact us directly at 416-802-2708 where we will be able to learn a little bit more about your needs and schedule a personal consultation with SeventyNine Design & Build or on-site visit.

Site Visit

After an initial conversation SeventyNine Design & Build will schedule a site visit to be able to better understand your needs and visualize the potential of your project. It’s important to us to learn about each other, look at the scope its in entirety and see if it’s a good fit to continue exploring the opportunity together.

Plans & Drawings

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Working closely together to visualize your space, our skilled team of designers and architects will use floor plan drawings and 3D renderings to bring your project to life. This process will allow us the flexibility to be more creative and ensure that the final result is exactly what you hoped it would be.


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A meeting will be held where SeventyNine Design & Build will present you with a detailed financial plan that will oversee all the costs, time frames and contingencies aligned with the project. This will create an opportunity to revise, plan ahead and make any adequate or necessary changes that will suit the projects needs.

Construction Proposal

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A final proposal will be structured based on the entire scope of the project and the back and forth communication and changes proposed and sent to you directly. If you agree to move forward with the project, a deposit will be required by SeventyNine Design & Build.

Construction Permits

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By this point we will have been well aware of any application and permits that may be required. It will be SeventyNine Design & Build’s priority to tackle any potential paper work and applications first to help expedite your build.

Construction schedule

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Once the planning stage is complete and all the permits are approved we will begin construction. Throughout the entire process we will be scheduling meetings and site visits with you to ensure you are with us every step of the way.


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Once the project is completed, SeventyNine Design & Build will schedule a pre delivery inspection prior to the completion date followed by aftercare service.

Guaranteed Financial Transperancy