Details That Help Create a Modern Look for Your Bathroom

Details That Help Create a Modern Look for Your Bathroom

A newly remodeled bathroom with a modern design by Seventynine Construction in Scarborough, ON

Fixtures and accessories can pull everything together in a bathroom—or they can make the design fall flat. This is why Seventynine Construction puts so much time into each detail. When working on a bathroom redesign, choose a statement piece like a sink or mirror to set the mood and select colours and materials that provide a clean and sleek design. Here are some ideas to help create a modern vibe for any home remodel.


Modern designs commonly incorporate black and white with splashes of colour for accent walls and furniture pieces like cabinets. Often, modern designs will use a specific shade, like brown or grey, and incorporate another colour for contrast. One way to do this is by using neutral grey shades for tiles and the countertop, then adding a bright colour for the towels and rugs or paint choice.


Glass, wood, granite, marble and concrete are among the commonplace materials in modern designs. Use these items in unexpected ways for dimension and contrast. For the fixtures, choose a sleek metal, like brushed stainless steel, and keep it consistent throughout the entire design for handles, lighting and towel racks.


Modern designs have clean lines and geometric shapes. Unique pieces, like a bowl sink above the counter, are great additions that draw the eye to points of interest in the space. Don’t be afraid to try something new and out of the ordinary.

When done right, modern designs are gorgeous and timeless. Remember to focus on clean lines, choose high-end materials, and add an unexpected item to serve as the focal point. The right fixtures and accessories will complete your look and tie it all together. Check out some of our modern home projects for more inspiration.