Trends for 2021

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2020 has been a unique year and people’s attitudes towards their homes changed during the pandemic. Some of the 2021 trends that we are going to see emerge will definitely reflect what happened last year.

1. Organic & Undulating Shapes

Gone are the days of straight ridged lines and we are welcoming soft undulating squiggles and organic shapes through art, furniture and ceramics. It’s not new but is happening for awhile. A lot of the designs have emerged from the Art Deco movement but they are being re-imagined and re-invented with a modern twist.

2. Arches

Arches are a shape that we have seen a lot of, not only in our everyday items like kitchenware and ceramics but also in our actual architecture in our home.

It takes a traditional element like the arch and transforms it in a modern way. You can incorporate this trend in art work and structural.

3. Fabrics That Feel Good

More and more we are gravitating towards soft and rounded shapes with furniture that’s comforting and soft to the touch. Fabrics like velvet, mohair, boucle and faux fur. You can change your pillows and accent throws and it will instantly transform into soft textures.

4. Earth Tones

The dominating colours of 2021 are warm earthy tones that come from nature hues which imitate the sensation of being immersed in nature & internal peace. This is more important in our physical & mental wellbeing. 2021 will focus in bringing the tranquility from nature to the indoor decor. We will see more of these colours.

5. Zen Vibes

Zen refers to meditation, so zen interiors create balance, harmony and feeling of relaxation through a minimalist approach. 2021 is incorporating zen interior via the “Japandi Trend”. This is a hybrid style that combines traditional Japanese style with Scandinavian style elements. “Wabi Sabi” core concept centres around the acceptance of imperfection. Given how 2020 turned out we think this concept resonates with us right now. A lot of us had to make sacrifices and we were forced to look beyond on our former superficial values. This is kind of global mood right now and this is where this design trend stems from.

6. Natural elements

Humans posses an innate tendency to seek a connection with nature and last year we were deprived of that and that why we are trying to bring nature inside our homes through plants and greenery.

7. Ratan & Cane Furniture

This trend has been skyrocketing with Ratan and Cane furniture. Along with cork, bamboo, raw wood, glass, stone, clay and seagrass like jute. You can incorporate natural materials into your home like baskets , wooden pendants in combination with wood and by using textiles like linen, organic or recycled cotton.

8. Sustainable & Handmade items

Now more than ever we tend to seek sustainable materials like eco-friendly materials, bio-degradable plastics and renewable materials. By reducing carbon emissions we need to buy local from companies that respect the environment.

9. Dried Foliage

Another nature inspired trend is the pampas grass. This is evolving and we are going to be seeing more of dried foliage inside with the pampas grass. The delicate and warm hues fit with the minimalist trend. In essence dried foliage is perfect for 2021 interior.

10. Honorable Mentions Trending

*Herringbone Flooring

*Bold Wallpapers

*Deep Green Walls

*Boucle Furniture

*Fluted Furniture

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